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About me

I want to inspire YOU!

Hey there! My name is Julian, born in May 14th 1998.

I started Calisthenics/Streetworkout in 2015. I always had the goal to get those crazy moves like a one arm handstand, human flag or a Planche. Once I got them, I started my first competitions, I was never at the top, but that was my goal. So I trained even harder. Today I am the Swiss national champion 2019 and I represented Switzerland two times in Moscow at the world championships

I want to help you to achieve your Planche, handstand etc, faster safer and cleaner. I will share you the exercises which helped me the most and took me to where I am now.

  • Swiss national champion 2019

  • Top 15 at the world championships  2018

Competitions & Battles
  • SWWC in Moscow 2018 & 2019

  • World of Barheroes 2019